History & Culture

Italy has significantly contributed to the cultural and social development of the entire Mediterranean area. Many cultures and civilizations have existed there since prehistoric times. The vast historical and cultural heritage are some of the reasons why Italy is one of the most visited country in the world and surely it wouldn’t be fair to limit our suggestions to just Rome, Florence or Venice. That’s why we create unique itineraries where the classic “off the beaten track” is not misplaced but rather appropriate; we study each itinerary in small detail and with the avail of our expert guides and on-site collaborators we are able to take you to places that you and sometime even us didn’t know they existed and where you will learn how the local culture has been influenced and shaped by the historical events.

Have you ever thought about seeing “Rome with a view”? As strange as it sounds it is true as we discovered thanks to our friends Federica and Michelle during one of our tours when we visited the Colli Romani or the Roman Hills that overlook the Eternal City. Here the original Roman Civilization began, and it was from here that naturally expanded into what we see today. Join us or ask us more information about one of our tailor made “Rome with a View” itinerary.

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