Cookery Courses

Italy is famous for its fantastic varied gastronomy as well as the production of some of the finest wines in the world and at Genuine Italian Tours we are proud to offer a fantastic range of Cookery & Wine Courses Tours tailor made according to your requirements, ability, whether just for fun or to improve your professional skills and knowledge.

In Italy, each Region is proud of its own gastronomy tradition and rightly so, as this is merely a reflection of the historical heritage which is completely different from one region to another and with 20 of them you will have plenty to choose from and never short of a recipe.

From a full day in the kitchen involving accompanying the chef to the local market and learn about the different produce that you will use and cook for “today’s menu” to a day in the farm where you will pick and harvest fresh produce and enjoy a “field to the table” unique cooking experience.

We will tailor made the itinerary for you organising all the transfers, accommodations, courses, sightseeing etc.

To enquire about our Cookery Courses or to join one of our Gastronomy Tours please email us or talk to us using the chat box and Max will be more than happy to answer any question or curiosity you might have.

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