Abruzzo is known as ITALY'S WILD SIDE thanks to the highest number of protected nature reserve and parks within its territory like the Abruzzo's National Park home to the Marsican Bears, wolves, eagles and different species of plants and wild flowers. For the beach lovers Abruzzo offers beautiful uncontaminated beaches from the popular sandy stretch that starts from Pescara, the Capital City of Abruzzo and also where the International Airport is found, north to the border with Le Marche or the more secluded, though pebble beaches along the stunning and picturesque Costa dei Trabocchi. The people of Abruzzo (Abbruzzesi) are very welcoming, hospitable, always ready to invite you in their houses and share their table with plenty of superb food and delicious wine. Abruzzo offers a vast range of opportunity to enjoy Active Holidays as well from great cycling, breath taking walks, stunning climbing, superb winter skiing at a fraction of the price and more... Archaeology, history, art, culture, architecture to be found everywhere you visit together with ancient traditions that are still very much part of everyday life.

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