Known as ITALY'S WILD SIDE due to the highest percentage of land dedicated to National Parks of any Italian Region. The Parco Nazionale dell'Abruzzo home to Marsican Bears, wolves and eagles, the Maiella and Gran Sasso d'Italia closer to the coast along which you will find Pescara with the Region's International Airport. The most popular sandy beaches can be found from Pescara to the north bordered with Le Marche. South of Pescara and along the "Costa dei Trabocchi", the traditional old wooden shacks used by the locals to fish at night, uncontaminated, unspoilt pebble beaches with clear blue sea can be found. Abruzzo's people, although the language barrier sometimes can still be an issue, are extremely friendly and hospitable and have strong family traditions and ties. Villages have lain here undiscovered until the 1960's. The wines and gastronomy are absolutely superb and the portions are always on the large side. My father's family are from this Region and when visiting as a youngster i had to diet for a week afterwards.

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